Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2014

50 facts about me ^o^

I wanted to do this for quite a while, but life was kinda too busy at the moment v.v 
So here it is :33 I hope you get to know me little better c;

1. My [Nick]name is  Kiki c: I'm not giving you my real name, sorry o: 
2. My birthday is the 17th of May.
3. I live in Düsseldorf, Germany.
4. I like cats a lot and one of ours is named Loki :'D
5. I'm a potterhead ♥ [huge Harry Potter fan c:]
6. I'm a revêuse ♥ [fan of the book the night circus]
7. I have way to many wigs :'D like umm...10 I think xD I'm not quite sure :'D
8. I love singing and often go to karaoke in two irish pubs ^o^
9. I love strawberries and bananas. c:
10. I hate paprika and licorice D: 
11. I love smoothies, but get them way to little. o:
12. I'm pansexual c:
13. I'm single o:
14. I have 5 piercings. Jestrum, Septum, Nostril, a Tunnel,  and Antihelix :3
15. My natural haircolor is dark brown.
16. My favourite colour is pastel purple / lilac c: 
17. I love circle lenses and want to buy new ones soon 0:
18. I have two tattoos.
19. To express myself [and be myself] is more important to me than to have a highly respected job o:
20. I want to go to Disneyland SOO badly q.q
21. But not as bad as I want to go to Harry Potter World Q.Q
22. I love flowers.
23. My favourite flowers are Gerbera.
24. As you can see I often write nouns tall in english, like in german :'D
25. My favourite school subjects are english and music c:
26. I like the Lord of the Rings series [and the Hobbit] a LOT[R]♥ :'D
27. Freya and Dakota are my favourite names by now, and if I get a daughter I want to name her Freya / Dakota c:
28. I love Junjou Romantica *^* ♥
29. And Kingdom Hearts *-* ♥
30. I have a weird kinda music taste :'D [Metal, Rock, Punk, mostly alternative, K-Pop sometimes]
31. I'm not able to sort music to it's genre. It's just not clear to me q.q :'D
32. My favourite YouTuber is LeFloid :3 [He's german]
33. My favourite animals are ferrets *o*
34. And Red Pandas :33
35. I love Hayao Miyazaki films ^-^
36. And Tim Burton films as well :3
37. My favourite actors are Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. c:
38. And maybe the golden trio ;D
39. I used to watch horror movies with my ex-boyfriend all the time. 
40. But now I can't because I'm not able to watch'em alone :'DD
41. I've read the Twilight series, and I do really like them but... the movies are shit xD
42. I love the 'His Dark Materials' series, even though the ending destroyed me ;___;
43. I love horromovies or just internet stories or books about paranormal things :3
44. I don't like most of the Paranormal activity movies.
45. I love alternative clothing like Lolita, Pastel Goth, Fairy Kei, etc. :3
46. I want a red Alaskan Malamute DD: Sooo cute ^w^
47. My favourite bands are Stone Sour, Mayday Parade, Paramore, Seether, Billy Talent, etc. xD :'D
48. Depending on the artist I do like rap music o:
49. I love Adventure Time and sing it's songs all the time, especially the bacon pancake song.
50. My favourite Disney character [I'm actually not into Disney very much] is Belle. Because of her intelligent, book loving and people not because of their looks judging personality :3

That's it. Here you have 50 random facts about me >:DD
Thankies SOOOO much, if you really read all of them :'D

Love youuuuu♥ ^-^

Sonntag, 4. Mai 2014

Inofficial Lockshop Lucky Packs♥ & little OOTD [03.05.2014] ^v^

Hello Fluffys♥
As Nina, the owner of Lockshop, said she was about to do lucky packs of old wigs used for photos for the shop and such, but the wigs should be much cheaper than when actually bought from the shop, I was totally going for it :33
She put the packs online on her storenvy about 2 hours before she actually wanted too, but as I am a little stalker person :'D I found out about her storenvy link before and bought 2 of the lucky packs, before everyone even knew, they were online ^w^ & I'm Extra happy about that, because they sold out like... O.O in 10 Minutes?!
So what I actually wanted to do here is to show the wigguhs to you c;

The first one is Mermaid Borealis, which I was SO happy about *^* In each lucky pack, there was at Least one brand new wig included and in my unnatural 2 pieces pack was the wig I wanted SO bad >:DD
I'm sorry, that I don't have a straight out of the bag picture, because uncut it looked Reeeeally awful on me, so I cut a full fringe :33

This one is actually Candy Curls Set - Honey  , but as it was used by the owner of Lockshop before, for photos I'd think, one of the clips was really damaged and only one of the clips looked just stupid, but as I think the wig doesn't suit me at all, I'm gonna sell it anyways :33 

The next one is  Pastel Raindrops Bob Lavender & Pink , but as you can see on my face hopefully, I think this one doesn't suit me too, and I felt really uncomfortable wearing it so I'm also gonna sell it :3

The following one, was also new ^w^ And at first I was really happy about the Mermaid Blonde, because I always wanted to try something blonde, but as I put it on, I just thought 'Oh no.' So I'm giving it to my BFF :3  The first pic is straight out of the bag c;

The last one, which is my favorite right after The Mermaid Borealis is this one. I'm not quite sure, but I think it was part of the Dolly collection, but the only wig Left is Dolly in Ginger. What I think is SOOO nice about this wig, is it's not shiny at all. Even if you walk through the sunlight and what I think is pretty impressive, it's not really shiny if you take photos with flashlight *o* Even though I don't do that very much, but it's such a big plus for the natural look♥

OOTD - Outfit of the Day [03.05.2014] with the brown wig ^O^

Wore circle Lenses after like Evaaar D: I don't even know how long I was not wearing Lenses, but I'm going to order some pairs at my birthday *w*

P.S: What I almost forgot to say, shipping was SUPER Fast! I ordered on tuesday and it was there on friday after school, even if thurs was a holiday in germany oo:

  Hope you liked my post lovelies♥

Samstag, 3. Mai 2014

OOTD / OFK [02.05.2014] :3 ^w^ Pastel Goth♥

Won't write much more than this :'D The wig iss Mermaid Borealis by Lockshopwigs. I'm SO happy, because I got it really cheap in a lucky pack *w*
Cut the bangs by myself btw, 'cause they looked so awful an me, when I put the wig on straight out of the bag D:

Samstag, 26. April 2014

FOTD - Little Face Of The Day Post [23. April]

The last past days have been kinda boring lately so I'll just show you two photos of my face, when I went to my aunts birthday party on wednesday :33

 Inspired by a friend~ namely Strawberrieh

If you have any ideas for me to do on my blog, just leave a comment Please! c;
I don't quite know what to do ;__;

Dienstag, 15. April 2014

Lockshopwigs Review Premium Collection Moss ^w^

Lockshopwigs  Review Premium Collection Moss ^w^

Hellouh my dearest~ (╯◕w◕)╯
I know it's a little later, than I thought and I'm sorry for that, qwq but I was at my boyfriend's house and he has no SD-Slot at his computer oo:

I'm also writing this review, because I was searching for one of Lockshops Premium Wigs before I bought this wig , and haven't found one I decided to do one by myself ;DD
So as I'm satisfied with the quality of the wig as always, when I purchase something from Lockshopwigs, I won't be writing that much, except for the fact that I was quite frightened, what the wig looked like with flashlight, which I actually just had accidentally turned on D:
Just check out the pictures and decide for yourself (Y) :3

Just like the last time here's the instock photo ^w^

In reality the top part is a little bit more blueyish c:

It came in this cute pink paper :3 

The shop's sticker ^w^ 

 Their business card :33

The instructions of wig care~ 

A free wig cap *^* 

Wig in the original bag c: 

The Lace~

 Straight out of the bag.
Put it on ;3

I'm sorry, that the picture's so blurry :s but it's the only pic in which you can see how long the lace is and how stupid I looked :'D [I cut the lace already] 

Folded the lace under the wig cap :3

With flashlight v.v TOO SHINY! (≧ω≦)
Just a few more pictures :'DD 

As I don't really take photos with flashlight, because I think, you can look as good as you want and look like a piece of s*** :s I do really recommend you, to buy this wig. The fibers are soft as always and the colors are very vibrant. Link to their website: Lockshopwigs ~
Bye lovelies~ ◕v◕

Montag, 14. April 2014

Harajuku Fashion Walk in Düsseldorf ◕ w ◕

Harajuku Fashion Walk in Düsseldorf ◕ w ◕

First of ALL: Group picture by the Deco Ranger group 

 ◕ o◕

As I'm not able to say much more about the walk except for the fact that it was really nice organised, people there were reeeally kind♥ & I've made a lot of new friends ^w^ This post will almost only have pictures in it :3 with descriptions of course c;

I'm really disappointed, but I had to edit most of the photos I made by myself, because they were blurry as hell but I really tried to keep them natural qwq

First my mostly failed pictures DD:  :

Sarajade, the friend I borrowed these clothes to and did make up on :33

Selfietime ^o^

Sara again :33

Picture of me, at Sarajade's home.

Waiting for the train c:

 First cute decora girl, we talked to at Düsseldorf Hbf (Mainstation) :33

 Gloria, who we also met there and me c;

Kiiko [of the Deco Radieschen group] and I :3

Deco Radieschen Group Photo :3

The cutest pastel goth girl ever, who talked to me and complimented me and so did I about her and AWWWW . SO KAWAII-Neo-chaaaan *^*

Full Bodyshot of her outfit ^o^

Neo's cute lolita best friend :33

Finally a picture of Seiji, whom I know from karaoke from before, and me *o*

Sarajade and her probably new friend :'D hahah

Cute decora girl :33

A SOO cute dark decora girl :33

 A Shot of Kuzu from Deco Rangers, who organised the Walk, and I *^* SO HAPPY♥

Just bein' a little derpy xddd

A nice Photographer guy :3

Poking the photographer >:DD

A cute girl, of who I unfortunately have no photo qwq made more and a lot better quality picture of Neo and I so here they come =^w^= :

I think this is my favourite shot of the day *^*

One day we're gonna evolve to superkawaiisayajins *____________*♥

Last shot. c: